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15 Feb 2019

Light sentence for illegal sub-letting

A housing association tenant has been fined for sub letting his home.

Edwin William Peacock appeared at Barrow Magistrates Court in the first prosecution of its kind in South Lakeland.

Magistrates were told Peacock, 53, was the tenant of an SLH property in Windermere, but he lived in a house in Oxenholme.

Suspicions were raised when Peacock applied to purchase the SLH property under the Right to Buy scheme. Investigations found that Peacock had a mortgage on his residence in Oxenholme, that he lived there and that utility bills for the SLH property were in the name of another person.

Peacock faced one charge of sub-letting.He was fined £466 and ordered to pay £1,140 costs and a £46 victim surcharge.

Katie Booth, SLDC’s corporate anti-fraud officer, said: “Sub-letting in this way deprives social housing to deserving residents and costs South Lakeland District Council money in providing Bed and Breakfast accommodation to unhoused tenants.

"There is currently a 12-year waiting list for properties of this type in Windermere and offences like this increases waiting time for prospective tenants. People who could otherwise be housed lose out because of fraudsters sub-letting.

“If allegations or evidence of such behaviour comes to light we will investigate and prosecute. We hope this sentence will send out a warning that this type of behaviour is not acceptable and could lead to serious consequences for the perpetrators.”

Alison Kinnon, director of customers and communities at South Lakes Housing, said: “There are almost 3,000 people in South Lakeland who need an affordable home, so it is absolutely right that we tackle those who fraudulently abuse this much-needed asset.

"As this case has proved, people who think that they are getting away with it get found out in the end. We are working closely with South Lakeland District Council to investigate other people who are suspected of committing tenancy fraud.”

Now other housing association tenants in South Lakeland have been warned that sub-letting their properties to others is illegal and could land them in court.


30 Aug 2017

Woman pays the penalty for illegal sub-letting

A mother-of-two who illegally sublet her flat has been convicted of social housing fraud and slapped with over £3,000 in fines and legal costs.

Racheal Panda Noah pleaded guilty on 22 August at Willesden Magistrates Court to letting out her property in Pinemartin Close, Cricklewood between 15 October 2013 and 22 March 2017.

During this period, Ms Panda Noah was taking rent from a relative at roughly the same amount that she was paying to her landlord, London and Quadrant.

But the tenancy agreement that Ms Panda Noah signed in 1995 stated that she had to use the flat as her main home, and that she needed to obtain written permission from her landlord if she wanted to sublet it.

Ms Panda Noah lives with her partner and two children, aged 10 and four, in Hazelbank Road, Hither Green in South East London.

District Judge Brennan said Ms Panda Noah's actions had denied Brent Council the ability to give the flat to someone who was genuinely entitled to it. She was fined £500 on top of an unlawful profit order of £1,170 and £1,350 in legal costs.


Cllr Harbi Farah, Cabinet Minister for Housing and Welfare Reform, said: "People who play the social housing system for their own profit are depriving those with a genuine housing need. We are in a housing crisis where the waiting list for a three-bedroom council flat is 14 years."


It's the long waiting list that makes this such a bad crime.