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14 Aug 2018

Barnet prosecutes blue badge offenders

Parking cheats caught using blue badges which were not theirs now have criminal records. (h/t FraudManager)

Barnet Council has fined and prosecuted over 30 drivers caught abusing the system in the last three months.

Council officers also issued cautions to a further 33 motorists during the same period.

Among those prosecuted was 65-year-old Joseph Dan, from Edgware.

He was caught misusing a family member’s badge to park – having already received a warning for the same crime in another borough. He told officers he did not realise what he was doing but pleaded guilty to charges at Willesden Magistrates’ Court in June. He was fined £280, ordered to pay costs of £400 and a victim surcharge of £30.

Council Leader, Cllr Richard Cornelius, said: “Blue badges are intended for residents who are in genuine need, not for those looking for a way to park wherever they want, free of charge.

“The number of prosecutions brought by our CAFT officers shows just how much hard work goes into making sure drivers abusing the system are caught and dealt with.”

In April, Kalaiselvi Sripalan, 53, from Colindale, used a dead relative’s badge and received a £400 fine and an order to pay £600 in costs after pleading guilty at Willesden Magistrates’ Court.


11 Feb 2015

Barnet & Hertsmere sum losses to benefit fraudsters

Fraudsters who pretended to be hard-up to swindle money out of the benefit system have cheated a council out of nearly £6million in the past ten years. (h/t Dave)

In response to a Freedom of Information Request from the Times Series, Barnet Borough Council admitting to paying out £6,302,097 to people later found to be committing benefit fraud.

The money was paid out to 231 people who were later convicted between 2005 and 2014.

The highest amount was paid out in the 2013/14 financial year, when £1,195,154 was given to fraudsters.

Although the authority says it is impossible to tell exactly much money has been recovered, 40 per cent is paid back by the Department for Work and Pensions. Courts also often order people to repay the money on payment plans.

In neighbouring Hertsmere, which covers Potters Bar, a similar request showed £916,063 has been paid out to 101 fraudsters since 2006. It has so far recovered £815,295 from the DWP and payment plans.