24 Jan 2020

Anti-fracking campaigner was lying benefit cheat

An anti fracking campaigner who claimed to benefit chiefs he was unable to leave his home was later caught on camera climbing onto a lorry during a protest at Little Plumpton.

John James Knox, 33, was found guilty of benefit fraud following a trial before Preston Crown Court.

The Department for Work and Penions said Knox was found to be claiming ESA as well as Disability Living Allowance for mobility, yet was overtly filmed partaking in demonstrations which included scaling moving lorries and mounting long demonstrations on top of them, while also shackling himself to other demonstrators for long periods of time.

The overpayment of his personal independence payments (PIP) totalled almost £9,000.

The court heard he told the Department for Work and Pensions he suffered a range of mental and physical ailments - but he was filmed climbing onto a lorry on the A583 near the Cuadrilla fracking site.  Knox remained on the roof from 8am until 10.30am the following day, and it had to park up. He was later fined after admitting wilful obstruction of the highway.

Knox, formerly of Dugdale Place, Blackpool, but now of Maplewood, Liverpool, pleaded not guilty - despite the picture evidence - to failing to notify the Department of Work and Pensions over a change in circumstances. But he was convicted after prosecutors said he had made a statement that he needed assistance bathing and dressing himself and leaving the house.

Judge Andrew Jefferies QC adjourned his sentencing until March 9.

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