30 Dec 2019

Illegal subletting finally resolved

A council house that was illegally sublet has been taken back by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council following a court ruling.

The council received allegations about the property in Hatfield in June 2017 and began to investigate, before starting possession proceedings in April 2018.

The tenant listed at the property, Mr Steane, was found to not spend any nights there, while another person was living there and paying him rent.

Mr Steane was found to have breached his tenancy in subletting the house illegally, and the court made an order allowing the council to take back possession of the property, as well as ordering Mr Steane to pay back the rent arrears he had accumulated.

The council's corporate director Simone Russell said: "With his actions Mr Steane deliberately defrauded the council. We take a hard line with people who illegally sublet and use the system for their own gain."


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