7 Jul 2018

Jeremy Kyle Show viewers report benefits scrounger for fraud after she admits it live on TV

Jeremy Kyle's viewers sprung into action during today's show - after a guest confessed to claiming benefits while working cash in hand.

Kelsey was on the show because her mum, Tracy, had accused her of stealing £40 from her holiday fund.

She took a lie detector test and failed it - proving she had stolen the cash.

But it was a slight slip of the tongue when Jeremy asked her if she prostitutes herself to to pay for drugs that got people talking.

Kelsey denied being a prostitute, saying she works and is paid cash - but she also claims benefits.

She said: "I work cash in hand, but I'm on benefits as well, yeah?"

Jeremy said: "I pay for your drugs and you work cash in hand? You think I'm an idiot? You just said that on national TV!"

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