7 Apr 2018

Gogglebox's Sandra is a sponger

This isn't illegal, but it should be.

Gogglebox star Sandra Martin prefers being on benefits than being famous because it’s “less stressful”.

The 55-year-old was forced to sign on again in February after cash from her TV work – including 100 Years Younger – dried up.

Sandra Martin says being back on benefits is like being 'home' after relying on the welfare state for over 30 years

She quit Gogglebox in July 2017 and moved into a hotel to enjoy the last of her remaining cash.

Before Christmas, she then revealed she was “homeless and penniless” and was struggling to make ends meet.

Now Sandra is back claiming handouts and said she feels like she’s “home” after spending over three decades on welfare.

Sandra said: “I turned to benefits when the money ran out. I went back to the job centre and shouted, ‘Hello! I’m home!’

“I was on benefits for 35 years before I went on Gogglebox. I’m glad I’m back on social. I loved Gogglebox but it was stressful because I couldn’t talk as much as I wanted, when I wanted.”

Sandra said she does keep an eye out for the right jobs but said it would have to be on “her terms”.

For now she’s busy with charity work and hopes to open a small market stall.

She explained: “I can work under 16 hours to occupy my brain and I do so much charity work which I don’t get paid for. But right now I’m on benefits and I’m happy.

“If the right job comes along I’ll take it. But I’m a celebrity in my own right. I don’t need to be famous.

“I’ve got some meetings with some agents. But it’ll have to be the right thing. I’m perfect for Celebrity Juice – a show where you can have fun and speak your mind.”

As well as a number of charity events, Sandra has also been given a second chance at pantomime after she was “sacked from Aladdin for drinking on the job”.

Sandra insisted she wasn’t drinking and told The Sun Online she left for “medical reasons”.

While she’s happy to be out of the spotlight, she admitted she was excited about getting back on stage.

Sandra said: “When Simon Gross got in touch I was so excited. I’ve seen his version of Snow White in London and it was so funny! I’m going to work so hard at it. It’s only for one night but I know it’s going to be the best night!”

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Anonymous said...

Actually, it depends on how much money she had before she spent it living in a hotel - deprivation of capital - can mean benefits being refused.

Hasn't she made herself voluntary homeless?

John Page said...

Do you think they may have nodded this through without looking too closely?