11 Dec 2017

April court hearing followed up

The Dellaway case - which we highlighted way back in April - grinds slowly on.

Now she is back in court over how much she should repay. But the hearing has been adjourned till January.

A childminder who conned taxpayers out of nearly £52,000 in disability benefits by claiming she could not walk has offered to pay back £100 a month.

Candace Dellaway, 49, lied for nine years that numbness in her legs meant she was constantly in danger of falling over and hurting herself.

Despite claiming she needed help at home, Dellaway continued to work full-time in at the Croydon Play Plus childrens’ club between June 2006 and October 2015.

When confronted about her lies, she insisted that all she did was watch children and left the heavy lifting to other staff.

She later admitted she had played netball with the children and a photo was taken of her balancing on a gymnastics beam at the club.

Judge Deborah Charles decided not to send her to jail in June this year as ‘an act of mercy’ because her daughter is dependent on her care.

Handing down a 12-month suspended sentence, the judge told Dellaway: ‘The money you claimed could have been spent on the NHS and other services and put to good use.’

Dellaway has now returned to Croydon Crown Court for a hearing to determine how the money should be paid back but the judge adjourned the case until the New Year.

Judge Charles said: ‘I may be being over-cautious but I have fallen foul of this before. You will need to speak to the legal aid agency, Lloyds bank and the defendant’s husband – he has the right to be heard. There has to be time for them to obtain representation if they think it is necessary.’

Dellaway’s husband is currently in custody and much of the money she has is tied up in their mortgage and property.

The childminder was paying the cash back at just £20 a month – so she would need 200 years to pay it back in full – but she has since offered to pay £100 a month instead.


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