8 Nov 2017

Young children save benefit fraud mother from jail

A shamed benefit cheat who splashed cash on a personalised car number plate and a holiday to Turkey while fleecing the taxpayer has walked free from court.

Mother-of-three Janine Rae pocketed around £30,000 of various state handouts she was not entitled to, a court heard. Her claims had begun legitimately but she failed to declare that she had got married and was living with her husband for a time.

Rae said he worked abroad and that his contributions to the family were unreliable - but claimed it was his money that had paid for a holiday to Turkey and the registration plate while the state handouts got spent on her children.

Now the 34-year-old has been given a suspended prison sentence at Newcastle Crown Court after pleading guilty to four offences of benefit fraud - some of it spanning up to four years.

Recorder Keith Miller said: “You have children and I wonder how you would feel if they were sitting in this court watching their mother, a convicted criminal. I wonder how you would feel about that, the sort of example you have set to them.”

Rae replied: “Ashamed.”

The judge added: “I hope that is indeed the feeling you have because you are in a shameful position. It’s a terrible example for any mother, who ought to be setting her children a good example.

“It also has a great effect on society. You may think the extra money you had just comes from the government or the taxpayer but the reality is fraud of this nature in our country is on a colossal scale and it stops people who should be receiving perhaps more benefits from getting what they ought to have, as there’s less money available to be spent.”


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