10 Nov 2017

Benefit fraud in France

As France continues its crackdown on unemployment benefit fraud it has emerged that fourteen percent of job seekers are abusing a system already considered by many to be too generous.

The country's national employment agency Pole Emploi has led a controversial crack down on job seekers in recent months to root out the fraudsters

The inspections found that out of 270,000 checks on job seekers, some 14 percent should not have been eligible.

In May 2015, the board of directors at the Pole Emploi took steps to crack down on the number of people abusing the unemployment system, appointing 200 staff to carry out 12,000 checks every month.

France's unemployment system is considered one of the most generous in Europe - claimants can be pad up to €6,200 a month for two years - although most receive only €500 a month.

On average, French job seekers are on an allowance of €1,010 per month.

Successive governments have been been urged to make cuts as well as crack down on those cheating the system.


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