28 Sep 2017

Dundee team spots £100k's of frauds

Specialist investigators have identified hundreds of thousands of pounds being claimed through fraud in Dundee, it has been revealed. (h/t Fraudmanager)

The city council’s corporate fraud team has also managed to claw back thousands of pounds which had been dished out to people, through a series of probes.

During 2016/17, the council managed to recover nearly £125,000 which residents had claimed or attempted to claim through a variety of frauds linked to income, parking, welfare, tenancy, council tax and even blue badges for disabled parking.

Further investigations took place into frauds by residents dealing with other departments including trading standards, legal and licensing, and children and families. Meanwhile, the specialist team also identified frauds worth more than £330,000 in the city linked to more than 260 housing benefits overpayments.

The details have been revealed in a report to the council’s scrutiny committee, on the work of the corporate fraud team (CFT).

The CFT was set up in 2015 and has responsibility for investigating allegations of fraud linked to a variety of things, including housing benefits.

Of the money recovered, about £38,000 was from fraud linked to council tenancies and blue badges.

There were 137 cases of fraud linked to council tax reduction, exemptions and discounts, worth just over £70,000.

Greg Colgan, the council’s executive director of corporate services, said council staff worked with a variety of agencies on their investigations — including Police Scotland. They have also developed a “whistleblowing policy” in order to identify possible cases of fraud.

In addition, the CFT plans to become involved in the serious organised crime group. It already works with a number of national agencies and networks, sharing intelligence and ideas with others across the country.


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