26 Apr 2017

Housing fraudster evicted

A Desborough woman who claimed she was homeless to secure council housing, despite owning two properties, has been evicted. (h/t Tenancy Fraud)

Carol Rae, 60, was convicted of tenancy fraud in August 2016 at Northampton Magistrates’ Court and fined £1,500 plus costs.

Rae had approached Kettering Council in May 2014 claiming to be homeless and, as a result, she was provided with temporary accommodation until she moved in to Hazeland House in 2014.

However, when applying for council housing, Mrs Rae failed to disclose that she already owned two properties for which she was receiving a substantial rental income.

Kettering Council has now evicted Rae from her council property.

At last!

Kettering Council’s head of housing John Conway said:
Where housing applicants lie, or fail to disclose their true circumstances to us, we will not hesitate to use the powers available to us to prosecute and evict offenders. It is wholly unacceptable for anyone to provide false information or withhold relevant information about being homeless in order to obtain housing from the council.

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