6 Apr 2017

Benefit fraud mother did not declare earnings

A St Albans lapdancer who was earning £150 a night in a strip club carried on claiming benefits - tricking the authorities into believing she was a single mum with no job. (h/t Dave)

Hannah Panayides, 35, claimed social security benefits for two years, despite working at Diamonds and Strings in The Parade. The mother-of-one also admitted working for an online adult entertainment company ‘Adult Work' - where she could earn £100 a day.

Benefit fraud investigators at Watford Borough Council received a tip-off about Panayides last year and started to look into her lifestyle. They found that in a period of 13 months, she was paid £22,000.

Panayides was summoned to court and as a consequence of her failing to attend the case was heard in her absence last week. She was found guilty of fraud and fined £440.

Last year, Panayides was fined £332 for using a colour television without a licence.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has cancelled her claim for social security benefits between March 2015 and May 2016 and created an overpayment.

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