11 Oct 2016

Man fined for illegal sub-letting

A former Milton Keynes council tenant has been ordered to pay back more than £1,000 after being caught fraudulently sub-letting his flat.

Thomas Mann, 46, formerly of Serpentine Court, Bletchley, appeared before city magistrates where he pleaded guilty under the Fraud Act 2006.

He was given a compensation order of £910 and ordered to repay costs of £500, a total of £1,410.

This matter was investigated after information was received by Milton Keynes Council that Mann was illegally sub-letting his council property.

A council investigator established that Mr Mann was no longer living at the property, but had taken deposits and rent payments via his bank account from a sub-tenant.

He failed to appear for questioning regarding the matter and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was picked up by police in Leicestershire.

A council Internal Audit spokesperson said: "We will robustly pursue those people who commit housing tenancy fraud in any guise. Perpetrators will, where appropriate as in this case, be prosecuted and reparation will be sought to recover monies owed to the taxpayers of Milton Keynes."

A housing spokesperson added: "Illegal subletting deprives legitimate and deserving people access to much needed affordable housing that is in short supply. We are very pleased with this result and we will continue to take robust action against these types of fraudsters."


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