28 Sep 2016

Confiscation order eventually granted

A woman who wrongly claimed nearly £43,000 in benefits must now pay nearly £60,000.

Watford mother Bushra Begum, 72, and her daughter Tabassum, 42, claimed more than £185,000 in benefits from Watford Borough Council - more here and here - note these are from 2015.

The pair had more than £260,000 hidden away in 100 different accounts but continued claiming benefits for many years.

Bushra Begum has failed to repay her £42,666 share of the fraudulent claims to Watford Borough Council and the DWP. This is despite being handed an 18-month suspended sentence in April 2015.

However, after successful confiscation proceedings, she has been ordered to pay £59,664.73 to the two organisations by Monday October 3. If she fails to pay this amount she will be sent to prison for 18 months.


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