3 May 2016

£40k benefit thief gets reference from MP & new car

A conman on crutches who pleaded guilty to a £40,000 benefits fraud received a government-funded, £30,000 motability car just weeks after the trial.

Ex-soldier Clive Miller, 47, claimed £20,000 of income support and a £20,000 in Disability Living Allowance, even though he had £280,000 in his bank accounts and several properties in Spain and Northern Ireland.

He walked free from Dungannon Crown Court, Northern Ireland, in February, with a 12-month jail term which the judge suspended for two years.

Despite his criminal record, shameless Miller is now driving a £30,000 Ford S-Max car which is government-funded and comes with a raft of free benefits including a new car every three years. This includes insurance from RSA Motability (RSAM), breakdown assistance, servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Locals in the Coleshill estate in Enniskillen, where he lives, were furious after Miller arrived in his new luxury Motability car just weeks after he held his hands up to the 10-year scam at Dungannon Crown Court.

The former Royal Irish Regiment soldier turned up for every court appearance struggling on a set of crutches and stood in the dock while being sentenced using the walking aids for stability.

But on Thursday morning Miller was seen virtually skipped down his steps at his Coleshill Crescent home.

The tattooed conman - who the judge described in court as a 'broken man' - managed the steps down to his new set of wheels without crutches.

Reporters asked him if he thought it was right that he was handed a new car as part of a publicly funded scheme after what he did but he just walked away and back into his house - although this time he moved a bit slower and held the top of his neck as he made his way slowly up the steps.

They asked him if he wanted to apologise to the public for his shameless crimes but once again he had nothing to say.

Miller lives in one of two properties he owns in Coleshill Crescent - he rents out the other house which is next door.

Sources in Enniskillen have said they are shocked Miller has been given new benefits.

'We couldn't believe it when he drove into the park with a car that looked like it had just been driven straight out of the showroom,' said one resident, who asked not to be named. 'He conned the taxpayer out of thousands of pounds claiming DLA and dole while all the time he had a property portfolio and several secret bank accounts. How can this be fair to people who go out every day to earn a living? It was bad enough that he didn't spend a single day in jail for his crimes but this is taking the biscuit.'

Other charges including money laundering were left on the books during the case which dragged on for three years, costing the public another small fortune in legal fees as Miller was granted legal aid while he contested the charges until the last minute.

His wife was also charged with benefit fraud in 2013 but those charges were later dropped and it was claimed in court that the pair had since separated.

Locals are also angry at the way Miller was portrayed in court as a 'broken man'.

The judge said he was 'a broken man both physically and mentally' and had 'brought disgrace on himself' by his appearance in court. He added that it had brought a personal cost as his marriage had ended and he now faced an uncertain future with a proceeds of crime order to determine what he has to repay.

It also emerged he was working in the Caribbean while claiming income support.

'Clive Miller is not a nice man at all and has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the court,' said a source. 'The way he used his crutches as he struggled into court was a farce. He really played on that and they seemed to buy it.'

Locals in Enniskillen were also angry after it was claimed in court that Ulster Unionist MP for the area Tom Elliott had given a character reference to Miller. The judge made reference to this - describing it as 'glowing' - and locals say they felt it was this reference that had kept Miller from being sent to prison.

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