29 Dec 2015

Light sentence for 5 year benefit fraud

A Stretford man who pretended to be off work sick for five years to fraudulently claim almost £20,000 in benefits has been convicted of fraud.

Paul Kelly, 55, has been convicted of dishonestly claiming £19,503 in housing benefit, council tax benefit and council tax support from Trafford Council.

He claimed the benefits on the basis he was receiving sick pay from his employer but failed to disclose the fact that he had returned to work in June 2010. This resulted in overpayment of benefits between June 2010 and January 2015.

Having entered a guilty plea earlier at Magistrates Court at an earlier hearing, Kelly was handed a community order, with a requirement to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, and he must pay £686.82 in court costs.

Trafford Council is also recovering the money obtained as a result of Kelly’s offences.

Cllr Patrick Meyers, Trafford Council’s executive member for finance, said: “The message is a simple; if you submit a claim fraudulently or fail to advise us of any changes in your circumstances which results in you receiving money to which you are not entitled, we will find out and prosecute you.”


The message is that we will find you even if it takes five years and you are saying you are on sick pay for all that time?

Cllr Meyers makes himself look ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

Real Time Information from HMRC is bringing up cases like this. His HB claim must have been left for years on end in payment as yearly renewal forms are no longer sent out. The onus is on claimants to report changes - "please stop putting money in my bank account".