25 Nov 2015

Mother jailed for £40k housing benefit fraud

A Kingsbury mother who fraudulently claimed £40,000 in housing benefit by concealing that her landlord was the father of her children has been jailed.

Anwar Mihsen, from Kingsbury, hid the information about Mohamed Jawad from Brent Council while claiming rental payments for two different properties between 2006 – 2010.

She also kept quiet about a joint bank account she held with Mr Jawad despite declaring two that were solely in her name.

Harrow Crown Court heard she provided the council with tenancy agreements and benefit forms which gave the name of her landlord as ‘Modeef Limited’.

However Modeef Limited was a dormant company that had never traded and that was unknown at the registered address given for it. Nor did the company own either of the properties and had no assets to its name.

Mishen was convicted by jury of benefit fraud and jailed for 18 months. She must also pay back the money.

Cllr Roxanne Mashari, Brent Council’s cabinet member responsible for welfare, said: “In a time of budget cuts, when we are all desperately trying to make our money go further, it is disgraceful that someone would deliberately scam us out of over £40,000.”


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Anonymous said...

I suspect a lot of more of this, a lot of single Asian women with Asian landlords. Hard to know unless you dig deeper - credit checks so landlord's name may come up, the school having him down as a contact, he pays for Sky,etc.

Ive seen a lot of birth certificates with no father's name on them.