5 Nov 2015

Benefit cheat gets £13k confiscation order

Following a criminal conviction for Benefit Fraud, the court has imposed a £13,000 confiscation order on a Sudbury resident.

In May 2015, Miss Keirderin Knight, 45 years of age, from Gt Cornard in Sudbury appeared before Ipswich Crown Court and was found guilty of dishonestly claiming more than £13,000 in Housing and Council Tax Benefit from Babergh District Council.

Keirderin Knight began claiming Housing and Council Tax Benefit from March 2008. During her claim to benefits it was discovered she had capital she had not declared and that she had started work for Suffolk County Council in March 2012.

After a fraud investigation, officers at the Council identified that the claims put forward since 2011 were inaccurate and Miss Knight had been claiming benefits to which she was not entitled.

On 30 October 2015, Ipswich Crown Court imposed a confiscation order of £13,000 giving Miss Knight three months to repay this amount to Babergh District Council or face jail.


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