3 Jul 2015

Suspended sentence for £33k benefit thief

A woman who was living in Tangmere has received a suspended eight-month prison sentence and been ordered to complete 160 hours of community work after she falsely claimed more than £33,000 in benefit.

Maria Eastaugh, 35, made the claims for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and Income Support on the basis that she was a single parent.

The fraud was uncovered during an investigation by Chichester District Council which found that during the time when Eastaugh was receiving these benefits, she had a partner living with her whom she had in fact married.

During the investigation it was also found that she had made fraudulent claims while living in the Arun District Council area before she moved to Tangmere.

The overpayments were made up of:

Housing Benefit (Chichester District Council): £13,799.97; Council Tax Benefit (Chichester District Council): £2,414.31;

Housing Benefit (Arun District Council): £6,753.26; Council Tax Benefit (Arun District Council): £1,651.77; and Income Support £8,654.60.

Eastaugh appeared before Chichester Crown Court on June 17 and pleaded guilty to four charges of dishonesty. This was on the basis that she failed to declare her partner in the household and that she made false statements.

Her eight-month prison sentence was suspended for 16 months.

Chichester and Arun district councils and the Department for Work and Pensions will recover the overpaid benefit directly from Eastaugh.


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