3 Jul 2015

BBC series to highlight social housing fraud

BBC1 has commissioned a daytime series on the illegal sub-letting of council housing from Shine TV.

The 5 x 60-minute series, Council House Crackdown, will uncover extreme cases of council house fraud and explore its impact on Britain’s growing housing crisis.

The investigation will be presented by Luke Doonan and follow housing fraud investigators from various local authorities as they try to curb rogue tenants who are abusing the system.

Having grown up in social housing, Doonan said:
Illegal sub-letting is not a victimless crime and with nearly 2 million people on the waiting list, it’s crucial that every single property is occupied by someone who needs it.
The series will accompany investigators on dawn visits and stakeouts, as well as talk to those who are waiting on long social housing lists.


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Posie said...

Brilliant..... you focus on the £1.6 billion fraud which is over shadowed by unclaimed benefits.... as opposed to £120 billion tax evasion.

Who are you? Iain or Duncan?