10 Jul 2015

A reader writes

I recently wrote about why benefit fraud is unpoliceable.

A reader has commented there:
In my authority The Housing Benefit Review means random cases are visited to see if the circumstances match their claim details. There is no investigation as such. The visits are unannounced. I have never seen one which queries very low self employment earnings (and I've seen a window cleaner declaring £6.00 per week profit). So its a token effort.

Other people working in benefits have all commented that fraud is a lot higher than official figures.

Risk Based Review means high risk cases are checked after 3 months and bank statements are requested but that's only declared bank accounts and I see a lot of people being paid in cash.
It's a token effort indeed. They don't want to rock the boat by "discovering" that benefit fraud is several times the official totals.

Do senior officials know they are conniving in a cover-up?

Of course they do.

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