18 Jun 2015

Benefit thief ordered to repay £62k

A benefit fraudster unmasked as a £1m property tycoon has been ordered to repay more than £62,000. (h/t Dave)

Dean Ahmed’s benefit from crime while he lived in a comfortable Cardiff Bay apartment in Ezel Court, Heol Glan Rheidol was agreed at a figure of £62,986.

The agreement was reached by prosecutors and Ahmed’s defence lawyers during a short Proceeds of Crime hearing at Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday.

He was told by Judge Thomas Crowther QC that if he did not pay the money within the next three months he faces being given a further three-year prison sentence.

The cheat was jailed last year after the same court heard he was an illicit property entrepreneur passing himself off as a single, disabled man living on benefits. His fortune was built on dishonestly banking income support benefits for 15 years and later disability living allowance on the grounds he was too ill to work.

In reality he used a false identity to obtain mortgage cash and had built up a hidden property portfolio worth close to £1m.

His secret life unravelled when investigators discovered he owned three luxury properties in Spain, and had a portfolio of seven others in Wales, six in Cardiff alone. Sentencing Ahmed last September, Recorder Paul Hopkins described him as “professional, well organised and ruthlessly dishonest”.

Ahmed was jailed for two years and eight months after admitting 15 charges, including four counts of money laundering, three counts of mortgage fraud and eight counts of benefit and council tax fraud.

Investigators with Cardiff council were first to look into his affairs in October 2011. As inquiries continued the police, the Department of Work and Pension (DWP), the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Regional Fraud Team and the Regional Asset Recovery Team (RART) all got involved.

Forensic investigation of his finances then found he was actively profiting as a property landlord, and had pocketed substantial rental income from his portfolio. He was found to have a considerable property empire running to three luxurious apartments in Murcia, Spain, and was making regular high financial transfers to banks in the country. The financial investigation also uncovered the sale and purchase of properties, many within the Cardiff Bay area, sourced by false mortgage applications.

Then £62k doesn't feel like much.

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Anonymous said...

Add up Income Support (with a disability premium) for 15 years, then was he on DLA Care or Mobility or both? Just Council Tax Benefit or Housing Benefit as well? Lets say its £200 pw, for 15 years! Its a lot more than £62K.

Anonymous said...

This it the trouble it takes dwp decades to catch one benefit cheat so what's the point he will be living like a king for the rest of his life from tax payer's money well done dwp