21 May 2015

Hyde Group secures its first Unlawful Profit Order

Hyde Group is warning any tempted residents not to illegally sublet their homes after the housing association secured its first Unlawful Profit Order.

The unnamed tenant was ordered to pay a total of £17,662, including Hyde's £5k legal costs, and told to vacate the property within 14 days at a county court hearing in Croydon. The tenant had sub-let the whole property and consequently lost assured tenancy status.

The UPO was introduced through the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013.

Hyde housing director Carol Carter said:
A very small minority of tenants choose to flout the laws when it comes to sub-letting. While they may see this as a victimless crime they are taking up valuable accommodation that could and should be given to those who need it most. It’s for the integrity of The Hyde Group and not least in fairness to our thousands of law abiding tenants, and those waiting for a suitable property to become available, that this case was brought to court.
The Hyde Group worked in collaboration with the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s internal audit & tenancy fraud enforcement team.


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