7 May 2015

Dozy Dacorum lumbers into 2013

A 'no questions asked' key amnesty is being launched by Dacorum Borough Council to stop illegal subletting of council properties.

During June, the council will be giving tenants who are either illegally subletting or not living in their council homes the chance to hand their keys back with no questions asked.

Tenants will be sent a letter during May explaining that since the introduction of the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2013, it is a criminal offence if they have a tenancy with the council but live elsewhere and sublet the property to another person, which is also a breach of their tenancy.

Yes, 2013, dozy Dacorum.

Anyone who hands in their keys to end their tenancy between June 1 and 30 will not have legal action taken against them for either subletting or not occupying their homes. This will allow the council to re-let the properties to legitimate applicants on the Housing Register.

Andy Vincent, group manager for tenants and leaseholders, said: "We have 5,388 people on our housing register who are in need of a home, and illegal subletting deprives them of this. The key amnesty will give us a chance to help those families in need of housing."

Immediately after the key amnesty end on Tuesday, June 30, the council will be conducting a major crackdown on tenants who sublet or abandon their properties.

Any tenants found illegally subletting their council homes could face up to two years in prison, a fine of up to £50,000 and will also have to pay any profits they've made.

When dozy Dacorum Council get round to it.


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