30 Apr 2015

Woman rented out council property

A woman has been fined a total of £4,533 for benefit fraud and illegally renting out her council property while she lived 200 miles away in Lancashire.

Not enough.

Roshan Adams moved to Ormskirk, Lancashire, and sub-let a council property in Hermon Hill, Wanstead, on two occasions to two different sets of tenants.

She also claimed housing benefit for the property and did not notify the council that she had moved away.

The offence came to light when council staff made a routine visit to the property and discovered correspondence addressed to the flat in the communal area of the property in different names.

The 36-year-old was found guilty of failing to notify the council of a change in her circumstances affecting her entitlement to housing benefit and for sub-letting her council house, at Barkingside Magistrates Court on April 17.

Adams must pay a £110 fine, £20 Victim Surcharge, £370 costs, a £1,089 unlawful profit order for the first sub-let and £2,944 for the second sub-let.

Redbridge council said it strongly encourages residents to anonymously report housing fraud.


And we want the flat back, so that it can be given to someone who genuinely needs it.

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