26 Mar 2015

In praise of IDS

James Bartholomew discusses Iain Duncan Smith's place in history, saying that he has presided over profound changes to our welfare system and a huge reduction in unemployment.

Our interest is Bartholomew's acknowledgement that
Official estimates of the amount of fraud in welfare are dramatically short of the reality. Jobcentre officials have been given the power to require people to sign on more frequently and at varying times of day if they believe a claimant may be working on the side or otherwise not being serious about finding legitimate work.
This is a major claim for IDS and worth reading in full.

What next? If we have a Labour government, the reforms will probably be diluted. What if the Tories get back? Cameron has form for removing potentially great reformers (I'm thinking of Michael Gove). He has already tried to move IDS once. Would IDS be left in post after the election?

Probably not - sadly.

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Anonymous said...

People are saying they are self employed in order to get Working Tax Credits instead of JSA. Thats a big reason for the drop in unemployment and why the overall benefits bill doesnt decrease nor do tax receipts go up as the 'self employed' is a cleaner, Big Issue Seller,etc.

I've seen claims where they lose money ever year or 'earn' a token amount of £20 p.w They still get Ch Ben, HB, etc