20 Mar 2015

Disabled blue badge frauds in Rotherham

Two private hire drivers have been prosecuted for illegally using Blue Badges for the disabled.

Thirty four year old Kamran Khan, from Sheffield, was fined £140 and ordered to pay costs of £300 together with a £20 victim surcharge, after he pleaded guilty by post to using his grandmother’s badge to park his car in a disabled bay on Don Street in January this year.

Rotherham Magistrates heard that his grandmother was not present and that he was undertaking personal business in Riverside House.

The court also fined Imran Khan £35 and ordered him to pay costs of £150 together with a £20 Victim Surcharge after he pleaded guilty by post to using his daughter's blue badge in December last year.

The court heard that the 38-year old, from Rotherham, parked on Percy Street, Rotherham, when his daughter was in school.

Following the cases, which were both heard on Friday March 13, the Council's Parking Services Manager, Martin Beard, said: "This is another good result. Blue badges are for use by people with genuine needs. They are not a free parking permit for family and friends."


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