30 Jan 2015

Bassetlaw reveals benefit fraud figures

Benefit fraudsters have been ordered to pay Bassetlaw Council more than £200,000 in the last three years. (h/t Dave) Between 2012 and 2014, the district council successfully prosecuted 49 people for £214,567.91.

Last year, council bosses recovered £52,167.48 from a total of nine cases.

In 2013, Bassetlaw Council recouped £121,753.61 from 27 successful prosecutions.

And in 2012, £40,646.82 was recovered from 13 cases.

Coun Sylvia May, cabinet member for corporate and support services at Bassetlaw District Council, said:
These figures show that we take benefit fraud extremely seriously and will use all the powers we have at our disposal to actively pursue benefit cheats through the legal system. In some cases these prosecutions have resulted in custodial and suspended sentences and, in addition to recouping fines and costs imposed by the courts, we will recover every penny of the £200,000 that has been falsely claimed.
At this stage the amount still owed to Bassetlaw Council in unpaid benefits is unknown.

Coun May added:
Residents may have previously read about these 50 prosecutions in the press; however we hope to report even more successful prosecutions as the council has recently secured additional funding to work even closer with the Department for Work and Pensions. This will allow the council’s dedicated officers to cast the net even wider to uncover other areas of fraud such as Council Tax discounts and insurance claims, which are also on the rise, by using modern, sophisticated detection methods, including the use of systems to trace people who may have moved away.

Of course we don't know what they didn't notice.


Anonymous said...

They will not 'recover every penny', they will continue to pay benefits to fraudsters and make deductions from their benefits. If the fraudsters come off benefits, it will take time and money to pursue the debt.

Some make arrangements to pay back at £1.00 per week and then do not keep to the agreement.

Anonymous said...

As regards to your comment.
You can't pay a pound a week. It is normally five pound a week. Twenty pound a month. These people are lucky to claim benefits again after commiting benefit fraud as not all can do this as the ones that cant and having to support theirselves without help from the state is unfair. Think that people who have committed it should pay off all their debts before being excepted for another claim.

John Page said...

Benefit thieves do it for the money. They should have to pay back twice what they stole. They should not be eligible for any benefits until they have, and they should have to do some unpaid work every week until the debt to society is cleared.

That would be a deterrent.

A confiscation order should be made immediately.

Hit them in the pocket!

Anonymous said...

I have worked for the Central Recovery Group where £1.00 per week was accepted.

I continue to work in benefits and fraudsters continue to claim, and their support workers or housing associations request overpayments be reduced to £3.00 per week.

Anonymous said...

I know of someone who has been caught twice for benefit fraud. She went to court and got a suspended sentence, this was EIGHT YEARS AGO. Two days after, she claimed again and is still claiming today. Because she is an aggressive person, they are scared to do anything about it and let her continue to claim benefits whilst living with her partner. Between the pair of them they get over 50k a year. The system is finished, i'd love to report her but she is the wifes mum.