21 Nov 2014

Jail for another "single" parent

A shameless fraudster who drove a luxury BMW while falsely claiming tens of thousands of pounds in benefits has been jailed.

Angella Brown, 45, told Croydon council she was homeless while sending her two children to private school during a 10-year scam.

She claimed £43,000 worth of housing and council tax benefits, as well as income support, without letting on that she was married to her landlord and owned her own home in Thornton Heath, south London.

Despite this, Brown was given council housing after telling officials she was homeless and was having to live in a friend's overcrowded house.

Sentencing her to twelve months in prison, Recorder Silas Reid told Brown she had deliberately and repeatedly set out to deceive Croydon Council.

She was motivated by greed and the trappings of a luxury lifestyle and had deprived another family of council housing, the Recorder added.

Simon Hall, Croydon Council's cabinet member for finance, said:
It is people like Brown who abuse the benefits system that give honest claimants a bad name. Her criminal lifestyle went on for 10 years, but this case goes to show that eventually, fraudsters will be caught and punished, and made to pay back the benefits they have illegally claimed.
Of course, Simon Hall is spouting nonsense. There is no certainty whatever that all offenders will be caught, and there is no certainty whatever that those who are caught will repay us.

I bet the council house she swindled out of the local authority wasn't standing empty, but we are not told about that.


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