17 Oct 2014

Single person benefit fraud - so easy

A benefit cheat who claimed £23,219 from the council and DWP has been caught, sentenced and ordered to pay back the money.

Zoe Adderley, from Warrington, appeared at Chester Crown Court earlier this month and pleaded guilty to three charges of benefits fraud.

Adderley was claiming benefits but failed to inform the council and DWP that she was living with her partner and he was in full time employment.

Adderley had falsely claimed £14135.00 housing benefit and £1663 council tax benefit/ council tax support from the council and £7421 income support from the DWP.

She was handed a 9 month prison sentence which was suspended for 2 years, 120 hours unpaid work and was ordered to repay the overpayments in full.

It's so easy.

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