27 Oct 2014

Confiscation order for benefits thief

A fraudster who dishonestly claimed more than £40,000 in benefits has had a confiscation order made against his assets.

The order was granted last week at Minshull Street Crown Court against Gary Betts, 50, of Firswood.

It ordered Betts to repay £261,429, including the amount taken in benefits.

Betts was sentenced in 2013 to 10 months in prison for dishonestly claiming benefits totalling £43,777. He was convicted after failing to declare capital in excess of £16,000 and unexplained income going into his bank account.

The investigation found that he had claimed benefits for his family for almost 20 years, while his wife was driving a Range Rover costing over £50,000 and the family were living a luxurious lifestyle.

Betts had also been found in possession of 3,000 litres of diesel which was seized by Greater Manchester Police.

Following the conviction, Trafford Council staff conducted a confiscation investigation under Proceeds of Crime legislation and failing to fully repay this will see him facing a further three years in prison.


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