6 Aug 2014

Well done, Barnet!

Barnet Borough Council says it has prevented housing fraud worth £11.9million in the past year.

The authority’s corporate anti-fraud team discovered millions of pounds of fraudulent activity relating to tenancies and the Government's right to buy scheme.

The team managed to recover 63 illegally sublet council houses after an investigation and a tenancy fraud ‘amnesty’ held last year.

Each house is worth £150,000 – the average cost of building a new social housing unit – giving a total figure of £9.4m.

During the same time, the team successfully prevented 11 instances of people attempting to take advantage of the Right to Buy scheme despite not being entitled to take part.

This gives tenants the chance to buy the property they are living in with a discount of £100,000, meaning the team prevented £1.1m of fraud from being committed.


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