28 Aug 2014

Tip-off identifies illegal sub-letting

A Cheltenham woman who worked abroad and unlawfully sublet her flat has lost her tenancy.

Guinness Hermitage took possession of its property in Lansdown Crescent, Montpellier, after hearing the women who rented the property was not in the country.

The affordable housing provider was given an anonymous tip-off on the Gloucestershire Tenancy Fraud Forum website.

Staff then found that the property was advertised on a Cheltenham lettings website. Interviews with local residents confirmed that the tenant had moved abroad and that the two-bed flat was being sublet.

After several attempts to contact the tenant, staff were able to confirm that she was currently living abroad.

As she was in breach of her tenancy, and to avoid legal action, she made the decision to hand in her keys.


1 comment:

MattW said...

She got off lightly. She should have been made to repay the profit to the Housing Association as well as hand back the keys.