12 Aug 2014

£39k benefit thief has to sell home to repay debt

We noted that the aptly named Dawn Pinchen got off lightly for a £39,000 benefit fraud in April, but she has now been back in court for a "proceeds of crime" hearing (h/t Dave), having so far repaid just over £1,000.

The report is confusing, as it states that already "she has been forced to sell her house in order to repay the money she fraudulently claimed". (This, by the way, is presumably the house where she lives with her husband.)

This is a different Judge from the original hearing. who seems to have been more robust:
Judge Robert Adams said the rest of the cash she was fraudulently paid must be given back within six months or she will be jailed.

The judge told her: “There will be a period of 18 months in custody if payment is not made within six months.”

The court heard Pinchen will have £88,388 in assets once the sale of her home goes through and it is from that she will pay back the remaining £38,074 she owes.
Here, at least, is a deterrent.

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