9 Jul 2014

Teacher hid benefit fraud conviction

A Merseyside teacher who wore an electronic tag in the classroom was banned after failing to disclose her convictions for drink driving and benefit fraud.

Therese Sanders, 33, from Southport is barred from teaching for three years after education watchdogs heard she failed to tell a supply agency she had been disqualified from driving and fined by a court in 2007. A professional conduct panel was told she also pleaded guilty to a benefit offence in 2011 and was made the subject of a community order and eight-week curfew.

When confronted with the allegations that she had been convicted of a criminal offence and had been teaching children while wearing an electronic tag, she claimed it was untrue and had been invented by an ex-partner.

The report of the conduct panel said: “The curfew meant that she had to wear an electronic tag at a time when she was employed as a teacher at the school. We consider that those allegations cover her conduct within the education setting and also affect her general reputation as a member of the teaching profession. In addition Ms Sanders accepts that she behaved dishonestly in denying that she had been convicted of a criminal offence when the accusation was put to her directly.”


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