19 Jul 2014

Illegal sub-letter caught and sued

A tenant who was subletting her council property has been ordered to pay back more than £10,000 to Greenwich Borough Council.

On 4 July, Chesterfield County Court judge Davies found that Ms Jean Neal, formerly a tenant at Sunbury Street, Woolwich, should pay £10,970 plus costs. The council brought a small claim in the county court.

Ms Neal was residing in Derbyshire and sublet her property from 15 April 2011 to 19 August 2012.

District judge Davies said that Ms Neal must pay back the money, plus interest, expenses and legal costs to the council. The total amount due to be repaid is £12,169.83.

Chris Kirby, cabinet member for housing, said:
In the last few years the Royal Borough [of Greenwich] has strengthened its investigation techniques and these new detection methods are now being used to full effect. This successful case is another example of the innovative work now being undertaken and sends a strong message to those that set out to sublet our valuable housing stock that “you will get caught” and we will seek to recover our financial losses.

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