25 Jul 2014

Benefit fraud checks fall in Rotherham

Rotherham Council's publicity of benefit fraud in its area manages to say nothing about total levels of fraud. It concentrates on seccessful prosecutions for housing and council tax fraud, which rose by a third this year, from 29 to 37.

However, this has to be viewed against total number of investigations into suspicious cases, which actually fell, from 1,342 to 1,060. Fines and formal cautions were also down.

Fifteen benefit fraud cases exceeded £10,000. One woman had fraudulently claimed more than £28,000 in benefits over several years.

A council spokesman pointed out that their team receives referrals of possible fraud cases from many sources, including the public, the DWP, and the Housing Benefit Matching Service.

There were 13 successful prosecutions for misuse of blue badge permits.


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