3 Jun 2014

Abroad fraud again

We last looked at 'abroad fraud' here, where we pointed out that the estimated abroad fraud total of £84m was over 6% of the overall benefit fraud total - which seemed far too high.

Now the government has revisited abroad fraud once more (h/t Dave), but practically all the information had already appeared in our previous piece back in February. We do learn that
Since 2008, investigators have followed up 1,267 calls to the benefits fraud hotline, leading to the recovery of more than £5 million in British taxpayers’ money.
Presumably this was for abroad fraud, but it looks pathetic when we are reminded that "across the world, Britons living overseas last year cheated the UK taxpayer out of around £84million – twice as much as in 2011" - the paltry £5m covering at least five years, and probably more.

Now the government is setting up "a UK unit on the Spanish mainland". Spare us the detail, do.

Under new Government proposals, the courts can order that 40 per cent of an offender’s benefits can be used to repay taxpayers’ money. But they probably won't.

Other measures include increasing fines from £2,000 to £5,000.

Underwhelmed? Me too.

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