13 May 2014

A reader writes about benefit fraud ...

Can anyone offer advice on how much information a fraud team need before they investigate a case?

I'm perplexed by a neighbour who is blatant in her benefit fraud and despite overwhelming evidence never seems to get caught!

I live on a small road of 14 houses and at least 4 families that I know of have committed blatant fraud without any consequences that I'm aware of. How do I know this? Because the fraud continues!

This neighbour in question will leave you gobsmacked! I've become a fraud investigator this last year (in my head) and done the job for the real investigators but still it continues!

The conclusion I've reached is that fraud is easy because actually there's not enough people employed to investigate and because the benefit system is flawed. It's easy money.


cameronjamesmcarthur said...

Reason is the government is the biggest benefit fraudster.

wwalker said...

I know how you feel we had the D..W.P knock on our door a year or so ago asking for info about our neighbour who they were investigating for benefit fraud. Seems she had been claiming single parent benefit despite her new partner of 5+ years living with her and running a dog walking business which they knew nothing about, oh and she was also renting out a mobile home. But do you think I can find anything about her being prosecuted? Can I neck as like guess that's another one that's been confined to the too hard basket.