11 Mar 2014

Not hard when you know how

A Luton resident has been sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment after being convicted of housing benefit fraud.

Shamin Islam, 27, appeared at Luton Crown Court after pleading guilty to fraud offences.

The court heard how Luton council’s investigations team had looked into the circumstances of Islam’s housing benefit claim and discovered he had failed to report he had purchased this property in July 2006.

After the purchase, Islam completed a further three application forms for housing benefit in which he declared he was the tenant of the property and paid rent to a private landlord.

In failing to notify these changes, Islam fraudulently obtained benefits totalling £54,630.51.

Dave Kempson, Luton council’s head of finance, said:
As with any case of this nature the council will now be taking steps to recover the overpaid benefit in full.
With a tiny number of enforcers and huge numbers of claimants, routine checks are well nigh impossible.

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