6 Feb 2014

Two benefit thieves jailed

An Aylesbury pensioner who illegally claimed more than £210,000 in benefits has been jailed - but is almost certain to never pay back the money he fleeced from taxpayers (h/t Dave). Ian Burns, 72, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for falsely claiming £210,598 in pension credit, housing benefit and council tax benefit over a period of around 11 years. But Burns is only paying back the money at a rate of £50 a week, meaning it would take him 81 years to repay the fraudulent claims, by which time he would be 153 years old.

Separately, a benefit cheat who obtained £100,000 he was not entitled to over 11 years has been jailed for 14 months. Douglas Pattenden had been a nursing assistant in a mental health team when he became ill himself and could not work. He made a legitimate claim for incapacity benefit but then failed to declare that his wife was working

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