13 Feb 2014

Benefit thief evicted from social housing

We last noticed Cleo Embley in September, when she was jailed for substantial benefit fraud between 2008 and 2012. She also ran up serious rent arrears, which she owed to Hyndburn Homes.

During this time she was living with Paul Harwood, the father of her children, at their home in Rishton. She was caught out when a DWP investigation revealed Mr Harwood was living at her home and working full time.

She has now been evicted after Hyndburn Homes obtained a court possession order due to her ‘significant’ rent arrears and illegal benefits claims.

David Perry, enforcement team manager at Hyndburn Homes, said social landlords have an obligation to act where tenants flout the law:
We need to send a message to those who feel they can commit criminal acts without sanction from their landlord.
Embley has also been disqualified from applying for a new home through Hyndburn’s choice-based letting system.

Shirley Faragher, from Forbes Solicitors, said the eviction sends a clear message to benefit cheats:
We hope that this case will deter other tenants from committing this type of offence while living in our client’s properties.

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