30 Jan 2014

Two benefit thieves imprisoned

Ronald Laing, from Hull, has been sent to prison for eight months after pleading guilty to four offences of dishonestly making false representations under the Social Security Administration Act 1992. He had claimed benefits totalling £35,750 between 2005 and 2011 as a single person, but Hull City Council and the Department for Work and Pensions found he was living with a partner who was working full-time.

And in Immingham, pensioner Stephanie Osborne was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for claiming benefits totalling more than £31,000 without declaring all her income. She had previous convictions for dishonestly obtaining benefits and theft from an employer in 1970. Judge David Tremberg said:
There were multiple frauds, over a significant period of time from someone who has committed inquisitive offences in the past, albeit a long time ago. The court has to send out a clear message to people who read the newspaper reports of this case that, if you are caught embezzling, as in this case, tens of thousands of pounds, you are going to get locked up.

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