24 Jan 2014

Ludicrous sentence for HMRC manager in tax credit fraud

A former HMRC employee who claimed more than £40,000 without permission has been given a suspended sentence.

Emma Chantler, from Atherton, defrauded the taxpayer of £42,088 by not declaring her husband’s self-employed income and lying about her childcare costs.

Chantler committed the fraud between April, 2005, and April, 2011, and was charged with tax credit fraud.

She previously worked as a contact centre manager for HMRC but was forced to resign in August last year after an investigation into her conduct by the tax watchdog began.

At a hearing at Manchester Crown Court, Chantler was jailed for 36 weeks, suspended for a year, and ordered to complete 160 hours of unpaid work.

So her punishment is 160 hours of unpaid work for stealing £42,000 from us.

Tax credits - being administered remotely - are wide open to abuse.

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Anonymous said...

Tax Credits are a joke. When I started in Housing Benefit we only accepted child benefit as proof of a child in the household, getting child tax credits wasn't enough.

I'd abolish Working Tax Credits and increase the minimum wage.

And Ive never seen a self employed person declare more than £3 per hour in earnings.