9 Jan 2014

£70k benefit thief jailed

A Dundee woman who defrauded the Department for Work and Pensions and the city council out of more than £70,000 has been jailed for nine months.

Anne Marie Getty, 50, had claimed benefits for seven years without telling the authorities her partner had moved in with her and was earning a salary.

Getty was described in court by her solicitor as having “withdrawn” not only from being treated for mental health but “from life in general” since the offence had come to light.

Jailing her, Sheriff Kenneth McGowan told Getty she had stolen £10,000 per annum from public funds and a prison sentence was inevitable.

The court heard she had claimed the money through income support, employment and support allowance, council tax and housing benefit between 2005 and 2012.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Getty was living with a partner who was working and in receipt of earnings over the course of the fraud, while telling benefits and council staff she was living alone.

Getty had originally been charged with defrauding more than £100,000 worth of benefits but the Crown accepted a guilty plea to claiming a lesser amount.


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