14 Nov 2013

The benefit cap starts to make a small impact

Scores of families were given the equivalent of a £60,000 salary in benefits until a cap on payments was introduced - a moral insult.

More than 19,000 households saw their benefits cut when the £500-a-week limit came into force in April. More than 100 had been getting £800 a week, equivalent to a pre-tax salary of £60,000. Seventeen households got more than £900.

Ministers said 18,000 people had found jobs since being told they might face a cap 18 months ago.

A small and overdue start in curbing the benefits system.

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Anonymous said...

To avoid the cap you simply have to say you are self employed and you will get Working Tax Credits instead of JSA/Income Support. Selling The Big Issue is considered self employment and you do not have to earn anything from your 'business' to qualify.

I doubt there will be much savings with the cap when people realise the way around it.