24 Nov 2013

Single person benefit frauds

It's pretty distasteful for the state to invade people's bedrooms and poke its nose into their living arrangements. But if people lie to the state to steal benefits, what else can the state do?

Susan Roberts, from Hindley, took almost £65,000 in benefits fraudulently, and got away with a nine month suspended sentence. After an anonymous tip-off, she appeared in court and admitted claiming benefits as a single person while living for the last nine years with her partner, who was in full time employment.

In Scunthorpe (h/t Dave) Helen Lansley claimed around £54,000 in housing benefit, income support, and council tax benefit, with "at least 50 per cent" claimed falsely because she failed to notify the council that her husband had moved in to her house between 2006 and 2012. Her criminal record included three counts of making false representation to gain benefit, but she was still able to get away with this theft for six years. She was jailed for eighteen weeks.

P.S. A Scunthorpe man who stole around £17,000 from his employer has been sentenced to 16 months in prison.

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