5 Nov 2013

And the benefit fraud rolls on

  • William Anthony, from Chingford, who received £87,000 in benefits by claiming he could not walk more than 60 metres was exposed when hidden cameras filmed him carrying heavy furniture while running a successful house-clearance business. He was jailed for two years.
  • Jane Heeley has been warned to expect a jail sentence after admitting dishonestly obtaining £101,000 through benefit fraud.
  • Self-proclaimed mystic Younus AlGohar has been convicted of over £77,000 in benefit fraud - but astonishingly not imprisoned.
  • Fraudulent benefit claimants in Northern Ireland pocketed almost £27 million they were not entitled to last year, auditors have found. The annual figure, which has soared by more than £11 million in five years, represents an historic high. The main factor behind the rise from £22.7 million in 2011 was a multimillion-pound increase in fraud in Housing Benefit claims.

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