18 Oct 2013

More and more single person benefit frauds

Samantha Myatt claimed to be an unemployed single mother in order to claim a total of £16,000 in fraudulent benefits, which she spent on travelling to Spain at least twice a year. But in fact the 39-year-old was working as a kitchen assistant and living with her partner, who received a pension from his former employer. More

A Woman who falsely claimed more than £13,500 in benefits has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service. Janet Harland (56), from Rainworth, failed to declare she was sharing her home with her husband while collecting jobseeker’s allowance, housing benefit and council tax benefit as a single person. More

A benefit cheat is paying the price for swindling £9,000 of taxpayers’ money after being ordered to carry out unpaid work and pay back every penny. It will take Sarah Blyth more than nine years to reimburse West Dunbartonshire Council for fraudulently pocketing housing and council tax benefits over a five-year period. The 45-year-old failed to notify officials that her boyfriend had moved in to her Bonhill house and chose not to tell them she had started working, which all affected her entitlement to the benefits. More

A Torquay benefits cheat has been ordered to carry out 100 hours of community work after illegally claiming almost £9,000. Joanne Billingham, 37, failed to tell Torbay Council that her partner, who was working as an outside operative for Teignbridge District Council, was earning and living with her. More

These single person benefit frauds are difficult to detect and time consuming to investigate.

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