26 Sep 2013

Tip-offs on Boston benefit cheats save nearly £130k

Boston Borough Council is encouraging tip-offs of benefit thefts.

More than £129,000 of fraudulently claimed benefits have been found in Boston over the past two years – thanks to tip-offs from whistleblowers.

A freedom of information request revealed more than £80,000 worth of fraudulent benefit claims were made between April 2012-13. It is nearly twice the amount found during the previous year, which left council officials trying to claw back around £49,000 of fraudulent claims.

Boston's fraud team say hundreds of residents 'curtain-twitching' and reporting potential benefit cheats have helped them find the fraudsters.

Over £19.6million has been paid out to people in Boston during April 2012-13, according to a further freedom of information request. It is up from last year, when just over £18million was paid out to Boston residents in benefit claims.

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